About Me

Gregory Morgan

The Soulful vocals, the funky guitar work, the wailing harmonica, and the pounding drums all coming from one person at the same time. This is the experience of hearing and seeing Gregory Morgan live. He surpasses the category of a "one man band" creating new rhythmic possibilities and forging new ground as a singer-songwriter. Combining intricate musicianship with relentless experimentation.

Growing up in Boulder, Colorado Gregory began playing drums at age eleven. Three years later he was playing rock clubs in Denver and throughout Colorado with his older brother. Upon graduating High School Gregory moved outside of Acapulco in a Mountainous region of Mexico where they recorded for three months. That was the beginning of his transformation into recording and writing his own songs.

After returning to Colorado he began playing bass in a band. This was his accession into the melodic realm of music. Learning how certain notes can affect the human emotions intrigued him thus developing a complete musician.

For the next few years he played drums and sang back up for many different bands. He moved out to the East coast with some friends and began the pursuit of his solo acoustic career. Wanting to blend his drum background in with his songs he started experimenting with keeping a back beat with foot percussion.

Over the past couple years Gregory's music and style has evolved into something truly unique, blending elements of funk, blues and hip hop. Seeing is believing...so check him out!